Our Services

We work with clients on an export market strategy and readiness programme before moving any boxes across the water.

Our preferred model is to work with great brands that already have established traction in their home markets and are looking for external growth opportunities.

We are obsessed with brand equity and protection and align with customers who have similar values.

Why Should You Export?


95% of the consumer market is outside of your home region.


If you are not exporting, it's highly likely your competitors are selling abroad or soon will be!

Business Facilitation

Free trade agreements and Government assistance


Exporting helps to diversify your client base and take advantage of growth.


New markets may give your business new ideas.

Our relationships in the regions we operate span decades and our distribution partners are best in class.

In each region we have specialist distributor partners who operate in different consumer categories.

So How Do We Do It?

1. International Diagnostic

Background Analysis

  1. Internal company analysis
  2. External industry analysis
  3. Internal S.W.O.T analysis
  4. Preliminary assesment

2. Market Selection

Market Selection

  1. Concentration vs. Diversification
  2. Best trade areas
  3. Target market identification
  4. Selection of target market

3. Market Entry Methods

Market Entry

  1. Market entry strategy
  2. Choosing a method of market entry
  3. Selection of clients, distributors, retailers or partners
  4. Negotiating conditions

4. International Offer

Product and Price Strategy

  1. Product selection for target market
  2. Standardization vs. adaption
  3. Pricing Strategy
  4. Terms and procedures

5. International Promotional Strategy

Communication Strategy

  1. Brand
  2. Positioning in target market
  3. Communication tools
  4. Communication budget

6. Economic Plan

Business Plan

  1. Sales forecast
  2. International overhead expenses
  3. Projected income statement

We are able to enter markets through direct retail, online platforms and distributor / wholesaler models.

Our clients are great companies who have enviable local brands and want to establish a global presence.

We operate across grocery, pharmacy and speciality channels.